What You Should Really Know about Server Management

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A lot of people don’t really know or understand anything about server management, which is understandable, because there isn’t a lot of information available on the subject. There aren’t many definitions that you’ll find over the internet about it, and there are no reliable definitions that will support the server standards of the IT industry given the how aggressively it is evolving each day.

That is why we have decided to help you understand everything that there is to know about server management, and how you can use it to your understanding. In order to help make things easier for you, here are a few highlights that we will be covering in our server management services. So here is the gist of things that will be covered in this article:

  • How you can find the best server management company
  • Insight about the pricing, services, and support you can obtain from vendors
  • Establish a criteria that would allow you to evaluate serve support and management companies

That is just about all that we will be covering in relation to server management services today. So let’s get to it then. Here is what you need to know about server management:


What Is Server Management?

In order to properly understand server management, we would have to look at market surveys in order to understand how different server management companies operate. This will allow us to identify which server management provider or service provider is better for you. We managed to collect about 25 different data points about every company, and found one common denominator about server management today:

There are really no consistent or set of services that you can obtain in a server management service package in this day and age. This is where server management gets tricky, since it is about server support companies that are selling services, which they think support server management. There are no industry standards, recommendations or definitions available that will properly highlight the services you can obtain.

This ends up confusing the buyers, because they don’t really have an idea about what type of services they should expect from the vendor. Comparing hardware is easy, but when it comes to comparing support services, it ends up getting a bit tricky. This will lead to costly mistakes made in outsourcing server management, which will not only defy industry standards but also allow you to acquire the services for server management.

The lack of standards set in the industry, makes it incredibly difficult to back a particular server management company, since all of them tend to offer vastly different things. Therefore, it becomes confusing, since there is inconsistency in the service offerings, expertise, and the pricing delivered to customers by the companies. This makes it extremely challenging to acquire the right server management services for your organization.


Same Name but Different Services

The main concern we have with server management is that the name remains the same, but the services offered under the banner tend to keep on changing. If you’re thinking about updating the OS on your server, then you will be offered services that come with OS updates. After looking at different server companies, we were able to narrow the field, and find out some basic methods for managing OS updates, which include:

  • Automated and monitored updates:

You will get a management tool, which will apply and monitor updates regularly.

  • Automated but not monitored:

The server of the company will update automatically, but there won’t be anyone checking proactively to find out if it works.

  • Managed but not automated:

There will be OS updates offered by the company, but you will have to ask them for it.

  • Self-Managed but supported:

You will have to make most of the updates by yourself, and if you encounter some problems, they will be there to help you out.

All of these are vastly different management support services, but you don’t have to worry about it, because the server management company will take care of everything. Speaking purely from a business viewpoint, when it comes to server management companies, you should opt for the ones that provide you with verified, monitored, and automated updates.


Low Value, High Risk Services

Another thing that you will have to look at is value for money when acquiring server management services. If you’re getting low value, then you’re acquiring services at high risk, which isn’t the best starting point for you. It is better to ask for managed updates, which are automated, because there is greater value in acquiring them for your business.

The second thing that you should look for is the level of support that is being offered to you by the support providers. The way they operate and the level of services offered to you will let you know about the type of services you can enjoy from them. You should make sure that you do check automatic updates, and verify it properly, so that you can find server management companies that have auto-update features.

A lot of server management companies generally turn on auto-update settings, without checking if the updates are happening or not. This is not the kind of server management provider that you want, because it means you will be taking a massive security risk.


Finding the right OS update strategy

In order to take advantage of the server management services you acquire, it is important that you find the right OS update strategy. This is because if you don’t really understand the OS strategy, then you won’t be able to properly understand how to update your system, and whether you need automatic monitoring patches installed.

If you’re able to manage things by yourself, then you can save money, but it is still advised that you find a server management service that provides you with services of value. Server management isn’t as complicated as it is made out to be, but due to the lack of information and no standards for services, it is difficult to find one that works in your favor. For more details contact Long Island Computer repair


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